A Django app to connect NetBox and Confluence Wiki.

confluence-wiki, django, multiexcerpt, netbox, netbox-webhooks, synchronization
pip install django-netbox-confluence==0.1.4


NetBox -> Confluence Wiki Connector

django-netbox-confluence is a synchronization tool which helps synchronize data described on the NetBox and appropriate pages on Confluence Wiki. When some page is edited on the NetBox the webhook is fired and calls the django-netbox-confluence endpoint which gathers the data and updates specific page for updated model on the Wiki. For each field/input it creates MultiExcerpt macro which then can be used in other pages providing "dynamic" content.

django-netbox-confluence uses NetBox webhooks in order to get information about changes and update the data on the Wiki. For that purpose it is needed to create webhook on the NetBox admin.

django-netbox-confluence runs as a web application atop the Django For a complete list of requirements, see requirements.txt. The code is available on GitHub.


  • You should have NetBox running.
  • You should have Confluence up and running.
  • You should have MultiExcerpt macro plugin for Confluence installed.
NOTE: Don't forget to run NetBox rqworker.


$ pip install django-netbox-confluence


Add app to INSTALLED_APPS list in the end of your Django settings file.


Add confluence credentials settings and space key where the data will be stored variables in your Django settings file.

    'url': 'http://localhost:8090',
    'username': 'admin',
    'password': 'admin'


NOTE: If the space doesn't exist it will be created automatically when the first webhook fires.

Add urls configuration in your

from django.urls import include, path

urlpatterns = [
    path('netbox-wiki-api/', include('django_netbox_confluence.urls')),

Configure NetBox webhook. Alt text

  • Choose appropriate Object types for the models/pages that you want to be synchronized with Confluence Wiki.
  • Tick Type create or/and Type update when you want the synchronization to happen. Typically you should tick both.
  • Fill URL: field with the endpoint where django_netbox_confluence runs. Example: http://localhost:5000/netbox-wiki-api/model_change_trigger/
  • Don't forget to tick the Enable checkbox to enable the webhook.

Configure djnago_netbox_confluence to process fields. Alt text Now you should specify which fields(field name, is custom) should be synchronized and how(field type).

Add new field types.

If fields types that exist in admin dropdown are not enough, you can create your own fields.

Create a file where you will define new field type classes. Those classes should be derived from AbstractLinkedField. Override provide_value method.

from django_netbox_confluence.updater.linked_fields import AbstractLinkedField

class ObjectLinkedField(AbstractLinkedField):

    def provide_value(self):
        return self.value['id']

Add configuration in your settings file so the module could find file types defined by you.


Migrate changes so the new fields appear in Django admin form.

$ python makemigratoins
$ python migrate