Django utility wrapping dateutil.rrule

pip install django-recurrence==1.11.1



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django-recurrence is a utility for working with recurring dates in Django.


  • Recurrence/Rule objects using a subset of rfc2445 (wraps dateutil.rrule) for specifying recurring date/times,
  • RecurrenceField for storing recurring datetimes in the database, and
  • JavaScript widget.

RecurrenceField provides a Django model field which serializes recurrence information for storage in the database.

For example - say you were storing information about a university course in your app. You could use a model like this:

import recurrence.fields

class Course(models.Model):
    title = models.CharField(max_length=200)
    start = models.TimeField()
    end = models.TimeField()
    recurrences = recurrence.fields.RecurrenceField()

You’ll notice that I’m storing my own start and end time. The recurrence field only deals with recurrences not with specific time information. I have an event that starts at 2pm. Its recurrences would be “every Friday”.


For more information on installation and configuration see the documentation at:


If you have questions or have trouble using the app please file a bug report at:


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