A simple Django base view to tar and stream several files.

pip install django-tarview==1.0.0


Django TarView

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A simple Django base view to stream file-like-objects as .tar archive.
Python 2.7 and 3 ready.


pip install django-tarview

Usage and examples

To create a tar download view:

  • Extend BaseTarView
  • implement get_files
  • That's it

The get_files method must return a list (or iterator) of file-like objects.

Example with a ContentFile:

from tarview.views import BaseTarView

from django.core.files.base import ContentFile
from django.utils.six import b  # or use b"foo" instead.

class JustTextFilesView(BaseTarView):
    Generate a tar with 10 files 'fileX.txt' with a simple text,
    using Djangos ContentFile
    def get_files(self):
        for i in range(0,10):
            file_like = ContentFile(b("This is file %d." % i), name="file%d.txt" % i)
            yield file_like

Or pull them from a database like this:

from tarview.views import BaseTarView

from reviews import Review

class CommentsArchiveView(BaseTarView):
    """Download at once all comments for a review."""

    def get_files(self):
        document_key = self.kwargs.get('document_key')
        reviews = Review.objects \
            .filter(document__document_key=document_key) \

        return [review.comments.file for review in reviews if]

View configuration

By default, the downloaded file is named download.tar you can set a custom name by setting the tarfile_name parameter.

class TarView(BaseTarView):
    tarfile_name = 'something.tar'


Django TarView uses tox, the testing automation tool, to run tests.

To launch tests:

pip install tox


Crafted with love by luckydonald. Modification of Thibault Jouannic's work.