URLs which render specified templates, controlled via models and the admin

django, varlet, url, template
pip install django-varlet==0.2.3



Author: Keryn Knight
Version: 0.2.3
Release Status
stable (0.2.3) travis_stable
master travis_master

An implementation of models, views etc. that can act as pages, though they have no content fields to speak of. Bring Your Own Content.

Pages consist only of a URL and a way to render a template at that URL. The default model implementation uses django-templateselector to provide template selection from HTML files within <templatedir>/varlet/pages/layouts

The application uses swapper to theoretically allow for using a different model.

If the application is mounted at the project root /, Pages may not have URLs which collide with those of another application in the urlconf.

The license

It's the FreeBSD. There's should be a LICENSE file in the root of the repository, and in any archives.