Webmention support for any Django model.

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pip install django-wm==1.3.0



Mentions lets you add Webmention functionality to any Django model with minimal setup. There is an implementation running at https://django-wm.dev/ with source code available here.


pip install django-wm



Mentions uses Celery and RabbitMQ for running tasks asynchronously. If you do not use them already you will need to set them up first.


sudo apt install rabbitmq-server

# Create user for celery service and make sure it can access your database
# e.g:
sudo useradd -N -M --system -s /bin/bash celery
sudo usermod -a -G www-data celery

# Run celery
sudo -u celery env/bin/celery -A projectname worker &


Add celery.py to your root project. For an example implementation see celery.py from the example project.

Project code

  1. Root project settings.py:

    • Set DOMAIN_NAME:

      DOMAIN_NAME = 'your.url.here'  # e.g. 'django-wm.dev'
    • Add "mentions" to INSTALLED_APPS:

    • Add :code:'mentions.middleware.WebmentionHeadMiddleware' to MIDDLEWARE:

      MIDDLEWARE = [
  2. Root project urls.py

    urlpatterns = [
        path('webmentions/, include('mentions.urls')),
  3. Include MentionableMixin in the model(s) you want to support webmention functionality.

    IMPORTANT: Any models that include the mixin must also implement all_text and get_absolute_url methods:

    from mentions import MentionableMixin
    class MyModel(MentionableMixin, models.Model):
        def all_text(self) -> str:
            return f'{self.introduction} {self.content}'
        def get_absolute_url() -> str:
            return reverse('app.views.name', kwargs={'slug': self.slug})
  4. Update database tables:

    python manage.py makemigrations
    python manage.py migrate

Optional Settings

Add these keys to your project settings.py to alter default behaviour.

WEBMENTIONS_AUTO_APPROVE = bool (default: False)

  • True: Received webmentions are automatically approved and may be publicly visible.
  • False: Received webmentions require manual approval before they can be made public.