Quoins for static sites

pip install django-yamldoc==2.0.0


django-yamldoc: Quoins for static sites

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This is a Django application for maintaining documents in YAML format and refining them to a traditional ORM’d database to serve them to users. It’s for people who prefer VCS over SQL.


yamldoc is technically reusable, and used in multiple personal projects over the years, with some individual YAML documents over a hundred thousand lines long. However, yamldoc is probably of no interest to you. Its architecture is less elegant than the average Django app, mixing various concerns united only by the theme of refining YAML to HTML via quearyable SQL.

yamldoc is currently marked as compatible with markdown < 3.3. The two packages are in fact still compatible at >= 3.3, but markdown performance with large blocks of HTML was degraded in 3.3. This is relevant to yamldoc and unsolved as of version 3.3.6, hence the soft block.


yamldoc was originally called vedm for “Viktor Eikman’s Django miscellania”.

yamlwrap, available here, was once a central component of yamldoc.


Copyright 2016–2021 Viktor Eikman

django-yamldoc is licensed as detailed in the accompanying file LICENSE.