DLT log reader

pip install dltpy==


dltpy - library and utilities for DLT logging


Requirements (not handled by pip/setuptools)

Once the requirements mentioned above are ready, you can install dltpy with pip just as any other python package:

  • current master from git:
pip install --user git+https://github.com/Equidamoid/dltpy.git
  • last version from pypi:
pip install --user dltpy
  • an editable "developer" mode:
git clone https://github.com/Equidamoid/dltpy.git
pip install --user -e dltpy


There are 3 commandline utilities that demonstrate usage of the library:

  • dltpy-print prints specified .dlt file as plain text. "text-like" payloads are decoded and printed as text, others are repr()ed
  • dltpy-filter filters out unneeded boring messages. Run it with -f IDS:OF YOUR:APPS and enjoy tiny logs that take seconds to load.
  • dltpy-receive demonstrates integration with asyncio and direct use of the native module, like dlt-receive. The main difference is that it gracefully reconnects if, for example, your device reboots.

Please note that non-verbose messages are skipped by DltFile since it has no way of decoding the payload.