Recursive tester for doctest-y projects

pip install doctestall==1.0.4



Recursive doctest-executing library and script for running doctest on projects.

DoctestAll is a very simple solution for running unit tests a package at a time, recursively descending with the __all__ module property to find children to analyze. Or audit, if you want a creepy scientology metaphor.

DTA is available as the doctestall module, and a script by the same name which can be run from the command line.


DTA can be installed via pip:

sudo pip install doctestall

Or by entering the following commands as administrator:

git clone git://
cd DoctestAll
python install

Once installed, you can import the doctestall module, or try it out in the shell:

doctestall doctestall

Yes, this runs doctestall on itself. But to test some other module:

doctestall cmath

The cmath module doesn't use doctest, so the results are uninteresting, but on the other hand, the recursive walk doesn't make anything explode either. So you might want to try it out on projects that are actually designed to use DTA, or at least be friendly to it.

Projects using or compatible with DTA: