Compose .docx documents

Python DOCX Word OOXML
pip install docxcompose==1.0.2


docxcompose is a Python library for concatenating/appending Microsoft Word (.docx) files.

Example usage

Append a document to another document:

from docxcompose.composer import Composer
from docx import Document
master = Document("master.docx")
composer = Composer(master)
doc1 = Document("doc1.docx")

The docxcompose console script

The docxcompose console script allows to compose docx files form the command line, e.g.:

$ docxcompose files/master.docx files/content.docx -o files/composed.docx

Installation for development

To install docxcompose for development, clone the repository and using a python with setuptools (for example a fresh virtualenv), install it using pip:

$ pip install -e .[tests]

Tests can then be run with pytest.

A note about testing

The tests provide helpers for blackbox testing that can compare whole word files. To do so the following files should be provided:

  • a file for the expected output that should be added to the folder docs/composed_fixture
  • multiple files that can be composed into the file above should be added to the folder docs.

The expected output can now be tested as follows:

def test_example():
    fixture = FixtureDocument("expected.docx")
    composed = ComposedDocument("master.docx", "slave1.docx", "slave2.docx")
    assert fixture == composed

Should the assertion fail the output file will be stored in the folder docs/composed_debug with the filename of the fixture file, expected.docx in case of this example.