Extras for DRF

pip install drf-extra==0.0.1


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DRF Rehive Extras

Extra utilities for using Django REST Framework.


  • Python >= 3.6
  • Django >= 3.0
  • Generic views and mixins for all CRUD.
  • Custom pagination that supports cursor and page based pagination.
  • Integrated support for flex fields and django filters.
  • Base serializers.
  • Metadata, timestamp, and enum serializer fields.
  • Schema generation support via drf-spectacular.

Getting started

  1. Install the package:
pip install drf-rehive-extras
  1. Add "drf_rehive_extras" to your INSTALLED_APPS settings like this:
    # ...


Schema generation

This library allows you to use drf-spectacular to generate Open API schemas that match the Rehive eveloped request/response format as defined by the drf-rehive-extras views/serializers.

To use schema generation, install drf-spectacular (in addition to drf-rehive-extras as described above):

pip install drf-spectacular[sidecar]

And add the following to the INSTALLED_APPS settings:

    # ...

Finally, configure the REST_FRAMEWORK settings with:

  'DEFAULT_SCHEMA_CLASS': 'drf_rehive_extras.schema.BaseAutoSchema',

The schema.BaseAutoSchema class also includes functionality to attach additional documentation to the schema via yaml files.

To generate additional documentation, create a docs.yaml file in a docs folder in your Django app. The file should be formatted like this:

            - lang:
              source: >
            - lang: Python
              label: Python SDK
              source: >

Then, in your settings file specify the above directory using the ADDITIONAL_DOCS_DIRS settings:

import os



This library adds extra pagination via PageNumberPagination and CursorPagination that can be used to generate paginated lists that return the results in the Rehive eveloped request/response format.

You can use them like this:

from drf_rehive_extras.pagination import PageNumberPagination

class ExampleView(ListAPIView)
    pagination_class = PageNumberPagination

These pagination classes will be automatically applied to any views that inherit from the drf-rehive-extras generics and mixins.


This library includes base serializers that can be used to ensure all serializers share the same Rehive base:

  • BaseModelSerializer : A DRF ModelSerializer that includes rest_flex_fields functionality.
  • ActionResponseSerializer : A serializer that can be used to generate action responses.

Serializers fields

This library adds extra serializer fields that can be used in DRF serializers:

  • MetadataField
  • TimestampField
  • EnumField

These fields can be used like normal serializer fields.


This library includes a collection of generic views and mixins that can be used to ensure all views follow the same Rehive standard.

The generic views can be used like this:

from drf_rehive_extras.generics import ListAPIView

class ListExampleModelView(ListAPIView):
    serializer_class = ExampleModelSerializer

    def get_queryset(self):
        if getattr(self, 'swagger_fake_view', False):
            return ExampleModel.objects.none()

        return ExampleModel.objects.all().order_by('-created')

The generic views allow for the customization of the serializer based on the method. This can be done by adding a serializer_classes attribute to the view:

# Single shared request/response serializer.
serializer_classes = {
    "POST": ExampleModelRequestSerializer

# Multiple serializers, the first for the request and the second for the response.
serializer_classes = {
    "POST": (ExampleModelRequestSerializer, ExampleModelResponseSerializer,)

The generic views also support explicitly modifying the response status for a given method. This can be done via the response_status_codes attribute.

response_status_codes = {"POST": status.HTTP_202_ACCEPTED}

If possible, all generic views will attempt to add a _resource and _resource_id to the request object. This will only be done if there is a single model instance and the instance contains a RESOURCE and/or RESOURCE_ID attribute.

Finally, in addition to the normal DRF generic views, the library contains an extra ActionAPIView that can be used for simple actions. These actions will default to a 200 response and will only ever return a {"status": "success"} response.

Usage is as follows:

from drf_rehive_extras.generics import ActionAPIView
from drf_rehive_extras.serializers import ActionResponseSerializer

class ExampleActionView(ActionAPIView):
    serializer_class = ExampleActionSerializer
    serializer_classes = {
        "POST": (ExampleActionSerializer, ActionResponseSerializer,)