Disk usage summary, showing large dirs/files

cli, disk-usage, library
pip install dutree==1.6


dutree :: Disk usage summary

dutree shows a summary of the directories/files which take up the most space.

Instead of showing only the root of the files with sizes, or the details of every file, it shows only the paths taking up the most space.

Example usage:

$ dutree /srv

Annotated output, where only paths of >5% of the total size are shown (which is about 4GB for this dataset):

12.1 G  /srv/data/audiofiles/
         ^-- audiofiles contains files/dirs with a total of 12.1G
             but it does NOT contain a single dir or file larger
             than 4G.
 4.3 G  /srv/data/callrecordings/unmatched/
 4.5 G  /srv/data/fax/
17.5 G  /srv/data/playlists/
34.4 G  /srv/data/twinfield_invoices/1/
 7.8 G  /srv/data/*
          ^-- data contains more files/directories than shown above
              but those that don't total above 4G are merged into
              this "leftover" node. that includes everything in
              /twinfield_invoices/ except for the /1/ subdirectory
              which has its individual listing above.
32   B  /srv/*
          ^-- only /data/ is in /srv/, but the directory itself also
              takes up a tiny bit of space
80.6 G  TOTAL (86558511658)

NOTE: The directories do not count the size of themselves, only of their contents. This explains any discrepancies with du -sb output.

NOTE: On filesystems with built-in compression (like ZFS) or with many sparse files, you may want to check the --count-blocks option. This should better reflect the actual used size (and align with du -sh).

Library usage:

>>> from dutree import Scanner
>>> scanner = Scanner('/srv')
>>> tree = scanner.scan(use_apparent_size=True)
>>> tree.app_size()

>>> len(tree.get_leaves())

>>> leaf0 = tree.get_leaves()[0]
>>> leaf0.name()

>>> leaf0.app_size() / (1024.0 * 1024 * 1024)


  • v1.6
    • Fix so the tests work with Python 3 as well.
    • Fix grave bugs with real size. The real size calculation was wrong sometimes, it raised assertion sometimes and the leaf count would be off sometimes.
  • v1.5
    • Add apparent vs. real size. Deprecates node.size(). Use node.app_size() instead. Get the real used size using node.use_size(). Group by real used size by passing use_apparent_size=False to scan().
    • Don't die if we cannot enter directories.