rich async server and easy to config

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pip install easyTCP2==0.1.0


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pip install easyTCP2

what is easyTCP2?

it is the same concept like easyTCP (first version) but more stable, understandable, flexable, readable and more features (and also because i was too layz to update the last one) this gives you full controll on your server and make it easy and stable


I have inspired by discord.py package because this help you build bots so easily and they are useful so I wanted an easy way to build asyncronus server so I have did many tests and took inspiration from the discord.py code (no I dont copy code accept this function) I dont take cradit for things I didnt think/did all by myself

what I get from that package? 🤔

easyTCP easyTCP2
user levels yes yes
groups no yes
events no yes
stable not much yes
logging no yes
encryption yes no
logging no yes

why there is no encryption like last version?

it is the best to give you the control about those things (there is encryption support)

when to use

if you creating a small project that needs a server or an app that module can be very useful


example files here. I add there examples in any update if there is a missing version in the example it is because it is not a big change or even only bug fixing

quick start 🤯

import asyncio
from easyTCP2.Core.Settings import Settings
from easyTCP2.Server import Server

Settings.use_default() # using default

async def foo(server):
    print("Server running (ip: %s | port: %d)" %(server.ip, server.port))

async def oof():
    print("oof event called :)")

async def main(loop):
    server = Server(loop=loop)
    await server

if __name__=="__main__":
    loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()


if you like or wanna try, install it! 🏅 it is not hard