EVE Corp Management is a management and decision-making helper-application for EVE Online.

eve-online, django, corporation, management
pip install ecm==2.0.4


ECM: EVE Corp. Management

ECM is a management and decision-making helper-application for the game EVE Online.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of its features:

  • Human resources management
    • Monitoring of the members of the corporation (arrivals & departures, roles/titles changes)
    • Association of the members to players In Real Life
    • Calculation of the potential risk of each member (according to his/her access rights)
    • Member sessions tracking (login/logoff)
  • Assets management
    • Browsing of all the hangars of the corporation (including deliveries hangars and In-Space assets)
    • History accessible through to a diff mechanism
    • Localization of in-space assets
    • Retrieval of player-defined names for ships and containers
  • Corporation accounts monitoring
    • Wallet journals (with more information than in the In Game interface)
    • Tax contribution stats (per member and per solar system)
    • Corp contracts
    • Market orders
  • POS monitoring and management
    • Comprehensive list of all the control towers owned by the corp.
    • Showing specific towers only to groups of users.
    • Fuel & silo levels
    • Local system assets
  • Industry management system
    • Full-blown online corporation shop
    • Catalog & pricings management
    • Corp blueprints management (synchronization with corp assets)

More Information

For more information, including installation instructions, please read the wiki.