Elastic Search to Pandas Dataframe

ElasticSearch, pandas, convert, pandas-dataframe
pip install elastic-helper==1.2.3



Two simple functions

  • One used to convert an elastic search collection into a dataframe. See the code for the various parameters.
  • One used to convert a dataframe into an elastic search collection


pip install elastic-helper

the pypi page (https://pypi.org/project/elastic-helper/):

Example Elastic To Pandas


  • es -- The elastic connection object
  • index -- The elastic index
  • query -- (optional) The elastic query in lucene format Example: "module: *"
  • start -- (optional) The time range start if any
  • end -- (optional) The time range start if any
  • timestampfield -- (optional) The timestamp field used by the start and stop parameters
  • datecolumns -- (optional) A collection of columns that must be converted to dates
  • scrollsize -- (optional) The size of the scroll to use
  • size -- (optional) The maximum number of records to retrieve
  • _source -- (optional) The fields to retrieve
from elastic_helper import es_helper 

                                ,_source=['read', 'cpu_percent', 'name']

Example Pandas To Elastic

  • Use an _index column in the dataframe to specify the target index
  • Use an _id column in the dataframe to specify the id
from elastic_helper import es_helper