elasticsearch_loader plugin for AWS s3

elastic, csv, elasticsearch, elasticsearch-loader, json, logstash, parquet, python
pip install esl-s3==0.6.0


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Main features

  • Batch upload CSV (actually any *SV) files to Elasticsearch
  • Batch upload JSON files / JSON lines to Elasticsearch
  • Batch upload parquet files to Elasticsearch
  • Pre defining custom mappings
  • Delete index before upload
  • Index documents with _id from the document itself
  • Load data directly from url
  • SSL and basic auth
  • Unicode Support ✌️


In order to install plugin, simply run pip install plugin-name

  • esl-redis - Read continuously from a redis list(s) and index to elasticsearch
  • esl-s3 - Plugin for listing and indexing files from S3

Test matrix

python / es 5.6.16 6.8.0 7.1.1
2.7 V V V
3.7 V V V


pip install elasticsearch-loader
In order to add parquet support run pip install elasticsearch-loader[parquet]


(venv)/tmp $ elasticsearch_loader --help
Usage: elasticsearch_loader [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  -c, --config-file TEXT          Load default configuration file from esl.yml
  --bulk-size INTEGER             How many docs to collect before writing to
                                  Elasticsearch (default 500)
  --es-host TEXT                  Elasticsearch cluster entry point. (default
  --verify-certs                  Make sure we verify SSL certificates
                                  (default false)
  --use-ssl                       Turn on SSL (default false)
  --ca-certs TEXT                 Provide a path to CA certs on disk
  --http-auth TEXT                Provide username and password for basic auth
                                  in the format of username:password
  --index TEXT                    Destination index name  [required]
  --delete                        Delete index before import? (default false)
  --update                        Merge and update existing doc instead of
  --progress                      Enable progress bar - NOTICE: in order to
                                  show progress the entire input should be
                                  collected and can consume more memory than
                                  without progress bar
  --type TEXT                     Docs type. TYPES WILL BE DEPRECATED IN APIS
                                  IN ELASTICSEARCH 7, AND COMPLETELY REMOVED
                                  IN 8.  [required]
  --id-field TEXT                 Specify field name that be used as document
  --as-child                      Insert _parent, _routing field, the value is
                                  same as _id. Note: must specify --id-field
  --with-retry                    Retry if ES bulk insertion failed
  --index-settings-file FILENAME  Specify path to json file containing index
                                  mapping and settings, creates index if
  --timeout FLOAT                 Specify request timeout in seconds for
                                  Elasticsearch client
  --encoding TEXT                 Specify content encoding for input files
  --keys TEXT                     Comma separated keys to pick from each
  -h, --help                      Show this message and exit.

  json     FILES with the format of [{"a": "1"}, {"b": "2"}]


Load 2 CSV to elasticsearch

elasticsearch_loader --index incidents --type incident csv file1.csv file2.csv

Load JSONs to elasticsearch

elasticsearch_loader --index incidents --type incident json *.json

Load all git commits into elasticsearch

git log --pretty=format:'{"sha":"%H","author_name":"%aN", "author_email": "%aE","date":"%ad","message":"%f"}' | elasticsearch_loader --type git --index git json --json-lines -

Load parquet to elasticsearch

elasticsearch_loader --index incidents --type incident parquet file1.parquet

Load CSV from github repo (actually any http/https is ok)

elasticsearch_loader --index data --type avg_height --id-field country json https://raw.githubusercontent.com/samayo/country-data/master/src/country-avg-male-height.json

Load data from stdin

generate_data | elasticsearch_loader --index data --type incident csv -

Read id from incident_id field

elasticsearch_loader --id-field incident_id --index incidents --type incident csv file1.csv file2.csv

Load custom mappings

elasticsearch_loader --index-settings-file samples/mappings.json --index incidents --type incident csv file1.csv file2.csv

Tests and sample data

End to end and regression tests are located under test directory and can run by running ./test.py Input formats can be found under samples

Stargazers over time

Stargazers over time