EVA ICS v4 shell

pip install eva-shell==0.2.25



EVA ICS® v4 is a new-generation Industrial-IoT platform for Industry-4.0 automated control systems.

  • The world-first and only Enterprise automation platform, written completely in Rust: extremely fast, secure and stable.

  • Allows to handle millions of objects on a single node.

  • Provides the real control of objects: actions and various automation scenarios can be executed, both locally and remotely.

  • The new v4 micro-core architecture is completely scalable and allows to build complex setups for any industrial needs: factories, power plants, military sector etc.

  • Built-in API and servers for web SCADA applications.

  • Real-time event replication and interaction between cluster nodes and web HMI applications.


Read https://info.bma.ai/en/actual/eva4/install.html

Technical documentation


Building from source

  • Install Rust

  • Set the following environment variables and run cargo:

# The variable ARCH_SFX must be set either to "x86_64-musl" or to
# "aarch64-musl". If updates from the official repository and/or cloud manager
# CLI are not required, the variable can be set to any value.
export ARCH_SFX=x86_64-musl
cargo build --release

For OpenSSL v3 FIPS 140, build with "openssl3" feature enabled. In case of any problems with FIPS 140 support in OpenSSL, enable "openssl-no-fips" feature.

The following libraries must be manually downloaded, installed and/or compiled:

The "ffi" service (svc/ffi) must be built separately and never as a static binary, as it dynamically loads service libraries in runtime.

The controller-system service (svc/controller-system) must be built separately with a feature to set required mode (to build as EVA ICS service set "service" feature).

The following services are not open-sourced (the source can be provided for mission-critical projects under an additional agreement):

  • eva-aaa-msad - Active Directory authentication service

  • eva-zfrepl Zero-failure replication service

  • eva-kioskman HMI Kiosk manager service

  • eva-aaa-accounting Event accounting and audit

About the authors

Bohemia Automation / Altertech is a group of companies with 15+ years of experience in the enterprise automation and industrial IoT. Our setups include power plants, factories and urban infrastructure. Largest of them have 1M+ sensors and controlled devices and the bar raises higher and higher every day.