Simple in-memory tables in pure Python.

pip install eztable==0.1.3



EZTable is a lightweight python table library. It is designed to be as easy as possible:

It's easy to install because it's pure python, you don't need to compile any C extensions, however if you do have a compiler then a few of the components can be made to work faster.

It's easy to deploy because it's packaged both sdist (.tar.gz format) and also as a Python Wheel. You can use the Pip command to install it or add it as a dependency of your project without introducing any extra hassle.

It's easy to learn: There's plenty of documentation and examples of how to use EZTable's main features.

It's easy to use, because the API is familiar to anybody who has used lists and common Python sequences.

Basic Usage

This Asciinema explains how to programatically build, filter and join EZTable's table object:


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