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pip install factern-client==1.0.6



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Python Client for Factern API v2


Python 2.7 and 3.4+

Installation & Usage

pip install

The python package is hosted on pypi, you can install directly from command line

pip install factern_client

(you may need to run pip with root permission: sudo pip install factern_client)

Then import the package:

import factern_client


Install via Setuptools.

python setup.py install --user

(or sudo python setup.py install to install the package for all users)

Then import the package:

import factern_client

Getting Started

Please follow the installation procedure and then run the following:

from __future__ import print_function
import time
import factern_client
from factern_client.rest import ApiException
from pprint import pprint

# Configure OAuth2 access token for authorization: OAuth2
configuration = factern_client.Configuration()
configuration.access_token = 'YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN'

# create an instance of the API class
api_instance = factern_client.FactsApi(factern_client.ApiClient(configuration))
login = 'login_example' # str |  (optional)
representing = 'representing_example' # str |  (optional)
create_member_request = factern_client.CreateMemberRequest() # CreateMemberRequest |  (optional)

    # Create Member
    api_response = api_instance.add_member(login=login, representing=representing, create_member_request=create_member_request)
except ApiException as e:
    print("Exception when calling FactsApi->add_member: %s\n" % e)

Documentation for API Endpoints

All URIs are relative to https://api.factern.com/v2

Class Method HTTP request Description
FactsApi add_member POST /createmember Create Member
FactsApi bid POST /createbid Create Bid
FactsApi create_alias POST /createalias Create Alias
FactsApi create_application POST /createapplication Create Application
FactsApi create_domain POST /createdomain Create Domain
FactsApi create_entity POST /createentity Create Entity
FactsApi create_field POST /createfield Create Field
FactsApi create_filter POST /createfilter Create Filter
FactsApi create_group POST /creategroup Create Group
FactsApi create_information POST /createinformation Create Information
FactsApi create_interface POST /createinterface Create Interface
FactsApi create_label_list POST /createlabellist Create Label List
FactsApi create_login POST /createlogin Create Login
FactsApi create_mirror POST /createmirror Create Mirror
FactsApi create_price POST /createprice Create Price
FactsApi create_scope POST /createscope Create Scope
FactsApi create_statement POST /createstatement Create Statement
FactsApi create_template POST /createtemplate Create Template
FactsApi delete POST /delete Deleting
FactsApi delete_node POST /deletenode Delete Node
FactsApi describe POST /describe Describe
FactsApi history POST /history History
FactsApi label POST /label Label a Node
FactsApi obliterate POST /obliterate Obliterating Information Nodes
FactsApi permission POST /permission Create Permission
FactsApi read POST /read Reading
FactsApi read_information POST /readinformation Read Information
FactsApi replace_information POST /replaceinformation Replace
FactsApi request_permission POST /requestpermission Request Permission
FactsApi reset_login POST /resetlogin Changing Login Password
FactsApi search_alias POST /searchalias Search For Alias
FactsApi search_entity POST /searchentity Search For Entity
FactsApi settle_account POST /settleaccount Settle Account
FactsApi update_application POST /updateapplication Resetting Application Secret
FactsApi update_status POST /updatestatus Enabling/Disabling Nodes
FactsApi watch POST /watch Create Watch Trigger
FactsApi write POST /write Writing by Template

Documentation For Models

Documentation For Authorization


  • Type: OAuth
  • Flow: accessCode
  • Authorization URL: https://factern-test.eu.auth0.com/oauth/token
  • Scopes:
  • address: Grants read access
  • email: Grants read and write access to administrative information
  • openid: Grants read and write access to administrative information
  • phone: Grants write access
  • profile: Grants read and write access to administrative information


Factern Ltd. mailto:support@factern.com