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pip install faraday==0.0.1018.dev1438


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Faraday is a 33cm (902-928MHz) amateur band digital radio. It is more than just another Industrial, Scientific, and Medical band transceiver (ISM). Faraday takes advantage of the ISM hardware in order to let us focus on the real tasks we want to accomplish, pushing ham radio forward. The FaradayRF Master Plan details these tasks. Providing a well documented and educational digital wireless ham radio platform enabling an infrastructure to be built from is among the first of our goals. This repository is our software to enable this goal.

Our mission is simple

To educate and enable radio amateurs to advance the state of ham radio

Faraday Rev D1 radio

Faraday software is in a pre-alpha. This means we have not developed all necessary software or performed extensive testing. Your help will not only help advance ham radio but give you a voice in its direction.


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RESTfully Ham Radio

You will quickly notice that the Faraday software aims to bridge the radio world with the web development world. Making web developers feel at home and leveraging web toolkits and libraries is a powerful asset to the radio community.


Just purchase or build a Faraday radio? Check out our quick-start guide to get up and running fast.

Using Applications

Once setup and familiar with the basics of Faraday we encourage you to explore our core applications. These applications also example how developers can leverage the Faraday hardware and API to develop solutions. Faraday is much more about developing useful applications and use-cases than just the cool hardware it is. Have fun! We certainly are.


Proxy is the core of our software. It represents physical hardware to the programmer. If you are sending or receiving data to/from Faraday then you are using Proxy. Abstracting the mundane housekeeping means we can focus on building solutions to new problems.

Device Configuration

Device Configuration provides a convenient method of programming basic configuration values onto Faraday hardware over a local USB connection.


Telemetry retrieves data from a USB connected Faraday radio saving telemetry to a SQLite database for future queries. Telemetry from both local and RF linked radios is handled. A RESTful API lets developers build data logging and handling into any solution.


APRS bridges the gap between the Faraday network interface data and the APRS-IS system. There's no reason Faraday cannot appear to be an APRS station and therefore this application let's you do just that.

Simple Message

Simple Message Provides messaging functionality over RF paths. Simple as that.


Absolutely! Join us in developing the future of ham radio. Check out our contribution guide. All are welcome to pitch in regardless of experience level.

The project maintainers are @KB1LQC and @KB1LQD. We're more than happy to answer any questions. You may also reach us at Support@FaradayRF.com. You should also follow us on Twitter @FaradayRF. We love Twitter.