Collection of Python scripts to make beautiful deepsky charts in various formats

fchart3, starchart, star, charts, finder, chart, astronomy, map
pip install fchart3==0.10.2



Fchart3 is a project designed to create high quality astronomical charts. It is written in Python using data from Stellarium, Kstars and HnSky, including 300 million stars. It can be used to create both offline charts with output to PDF or online interactive charts as can be seen in the case of project CzSky.


Online interactive version is available on project CzSky:


Download this project and

python setup.py install

Run: fchart3 --help to show commandline options.

The sources of original project fcharts can be found at:

However it relies on numarray which has been deprecated in favor of numpy.

Previous fchart sources for python2.7 can be found at:

This repository contains updated sourcecode so that the code may run with numpy.

This repository also contains following catalogs in the data/catalogs directory:

  • bsc5.dat catalogue of bright stars
  • constbnd.dat Catalogue of Constellation Boundary Data
  • constellationship_western.fab - western constellation lines from Stellarium
  • milkyway.dat - outlined Milky Way
  • milkyway_enhanced.dat - shaded Milky Way
  • deep_sky.hnd - catalog of deepsky objects from Hnsky created by Han Kleijn (https://www.hnsky.org/software.htm)
  • namedstars.dat - catalog of named stars from kstars
  • outlines_catgen.dat - nebulae outlines from OpenNGC
  • PGC.dat - catalogue of PGC galaxies
  • PGC_updates.dat - actualizations of PGC catalogue
  • starnames.dat - star names from kstars
  • stars_0_0v*.cat - UsnoNomad catalogs from stellarium
  • unamedstars.dat - catalog of unamed stars from kstars


  • Michiel Brentjens - original author
  • Austin Riba - modern fchart for python 2.7, numpy. https://github.com/Fingel/fchart
  • Vladimir Dvorak - fchart3: python3 + pycairo support. Rectangular view, constellations shapes, borderlines. Support for stars up to 16mag using HTM (hierarchical triangular mesh) and USNO NOMAD catalog.