CLI tool to upload data to Felt

felt, geospatial, gis, maps
pip install felt-upload==0.1.2




Felt is "the best way to work with maps, together".

And this is a simple CLI application to upload your files to it from your console.


The Felt API is pretty straightforward, but sometimes you just need a tool to upload a file from a command line and not deal with all the insides.


pip install felt-upload

or you can use pipx:

pipx install felt-upload

API Token

To use it you need an API token from Felt. Get yours here. You can either pass it directly as --token option or provide as an env variable FELT_TOKEN. You can check token with the user command, which will print out a user for the given token.

export FELT_TOKEN="felt_pat_Ul8HIuHJZuMyxJJ7ZHajj3gBM6KAs4mnnE6f7GiJIPC"
felt-upload user
felt-upload user --token "felt_pat_Ul8HIuHJZuMyxJJ7ZHajj3gBM6KAs4mnnE6f7GiJIPC"

All further examples assume you have token set in the env.


Create a map with a single layer and upload your files.

felt-upload map data.geojson

You can also specify a bunch of optional parameters.

felt-upload map --title "My new map" --layer-name "Great data" data.geojson

Keep in mind, felt-upload is pretty straighforward and does not know much about different geo file formats, so if you use shapefiles, you need to specify all the files explicitly:

felt-upload map --title "My new map with shapefiles" shapefile.shx shapefile.shp shapefile.prj shapefile.dbf shapefile.cst

Or use a zip archive

felt-upload map --title "My new map with zipped shapefiles" shapefile_inside.zip

More use cases

Multiple layers

Create multiple layers on a single map

felt-upload map --title "Multilayer"
felt-upload layer <map-id> --layer-name "My point data" dataset.geojson
felt-upload layer <map-id> --layer-name "My other data" dataset-2.geojson
felt-upload layer-import <map-id> --layer-name "My layer from url" http://example.com/path-to-data

Existing map

Want to add layer to already existing map? Grab map id from the url as explained here, e.g. for https://felt.com/map/Untitled-Map-Cwc6EdieQdyXgyPMgDmYBC?loc=37.807,-122.271,14z you need a part after the map name and before the ?: Cwc6EdieQdyXgyPMgDmYBC.