An extension for IPython that help to use Fortran in your interactive session.

ipython, notebook, fortran, f2py, science
pip install fortran-magic==0.9


Fortran magic


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Compile and import symbols from a cell with Fortran code, using f2py.


I am looking for collaborators to maintain this project. If you are interested, please open an issue (or PRs) with your proposals for improvements and volunteer to be a maintainer.

The contents of the cell are written to a .f90 file in the directory IPYTHONDIR/fortran using a filename with the hash of the code. This file is then compiled. The resulting module is imported and all of its symbols are injected into the user's namespace.



see this notebook


You can install or upgrade via pip

pip install -U fortran-magic

Basic usage

Once it's installed, you can load it with %load_ext fortranmagic. Then put your Fortran code in a cell started with the cell magic %%fortran. For example:

In[1]: %load_ext fortranmagic

In[2]: import sys

       if sys.platform.startswith("win"):
           # Depends of system, python builds, and compilers compatibility.
           # See `documentation.ipnb`.
           %fortran_config --fcompiler=gnu95 --compiler=mingw32

In[3]: %%fortran

       subroutine f1(x, y, z)
            real, intent(in) :: x,y
            real, intent(out) :: z

            z = sin(x+y)

       end subroutine f1

Every symbol is automatically imported. So the subroutine f1 is already available in your python session as a function:

In[4]:  f1(1.0, 2.1415)
Out[4]: 9.26574066397734e-05

See the documentation for further details.