Markdown integration for Frasco

pip install frasco-markdown==0.1



Provides markdown support to your application using markdown. Adds a markdown_to_html action and support for .md files as views.

Feature name: markdown

Markdown views

Files with the ".md" extension and a YAML front-matter in the views folder will be considered as view. They will be rendered to html. A layout option can be added in the front-matter. It must be a filename to a jinja layout with a content block. The block name can be changed using layout_block in the front-matter.

url: /about
layout: layout.html
# About the team

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The markdown_to_html action

You can convert any markdown text to html using the markdown_to_html action.

Options, either:

  • var: a variable name containing markdown text which will be converted to html (default)


  • md: markdown text to be converted

When using md, the action returns the html content.
Any other options will be forwarded to the markdown.markdown() function.

Jinja helpers

This features introduces a {{ markdown }}{{ endmarkdown }} block and a markdown filter to convert markdown to html in your templates. All keyword arguments will be forwarded to the markdown.markdown() function.

{% markdown safe_mode="replace" %}
    my markdown
{% endmarkdown %}

{{ my_markdown_var|markdown(safe_mode="replace") }}

Conversion options

These feature options control the way html is generated:

  • extensions: a dict where key names are extension names and values there config (as defined by extension_config in the markdown package)
  • output_format: the output html format (default html5) (see output_format in the markdown package)
  • safe_mode: how to handle embedded html (default False) (see safe_mode in the markdown package)
  • html_replacement_text: the text to use when safe_mode is replace (see html_replacement_text in the python package)