A file content type for gov usecases

plone, file, contenttype
pip install ftw.file==2.6.6



This is a file content for plone which provides some useful functions, such as:

  • Write downloader-name in history (ftw.journal)
  • Image preview
  • Resumable downloads

Note: The ability to upload new file versions via drag and drop was removed in version 2.3.0 to reduce support overhead (it only worked in Plone 4).


ftw.file is compatible with Plone 4.3.x and 5.1.x.

Use 1.x for Archetypes implementation of ftw.file and 2.x for Dexterity based implementation.

The ability to use ftw.file Files in TinyMCE is no longer supported for the Dexterity based implementation (2.x).

Enabling versioning in 2.x

To enable versioning for the ftw.file.File dexterity type, you should go to the Types control panel for this type and select either manual or automatic versioning. This is equivalent to the following GenericSetup configuration in repositorytool.xml:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <policymap purge="false">
    <type name="ftw.file.File">
      <policy name="at_edit_autoversion" />
      <policy name="version_on_revert" />

And, yes at_edit_autoversion IS the correct setting for dexterity types.

Migration from 1.x to 2.x

A migration step is provided for migrating from Archetypes to Dexterity implementations. If however, you have been using TinyMCE integration in 1.x then you will need replace ftw.file.File with Image (or another type as you see fit) in the setting "TinyMCE / resourcetypes / imageobjects".


  • Add ftw.file to your buildout configuration
eggs =
  • Run buildout
  • Install ftw.file in portal_setup
  • If you are using the Dexterity based implementation (2.x) then you will probably want to set global_allow for Plone's standard File type to False through the ZMI or a GS profile.



This package is copyright by 4teamwork.

ftw.file is licensed under GNU General Public License, version 2.