Galaxy Web Strack Abstraction

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pip install galaxy-web-stack==20.5.0


Galaxy Logo

The latest information about Galaxy can be found on the Galaxy Community Hub.

Community support is available at Galaxy Help.

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Galaxy Quickstart

Galaxy requires Python 2.7 To check your python version, run:

$ python -V
Python 2.7.3

Start Galaxy:

$ sh

Once Galaxy completes startup, you should be able to view Galaxy in your browser at:


Configuration & Tools

You may wish to make changes from the default configuration. This can be done in the config/galaxy.ini file.

Tools can be either installed from the Tool Shed or added manually.
For details please see the tutorial.

Note that not all dependencies for the tools provided in the tool_conf.xml.sample are included. To install them please visit "Manage dependencies" in the admin interface.

Issues and Galaxy Development

Please see .


Interested in the next steps for Galaxy? Take a look at the roadmap.