Adapted from imageserve to fit broader gallery needs such as video embedding and content for controls.

pip install galleryserve==0.2.2



A django app for serving collections of images or videos



To install:

pip install galleryserve

Add 'galleryserve' to INSTALLED_APPS

Configuration Options:

GALLERYSERVE_EXCLUDE_FIELDS - This can be added as a list in your file to exclude certain fields from appearing in the admin.

Template tag example:

{% load gallerytags %}

{% get_gallery name %}
{% for slide in gallery %}
<div title="{{ slide.title }} - {{ }}">
{% if slide.url %}<a href="{{ slide.url }}">{% endif %}
{% if slide.image %}<img src="{{ slide.image.url }}" alt="{{ slide.alt }}" />{% endif %}
{% if slide.url %}</a>{% endif %}
{% if slide.video_url %}<a href="{{ slide.video_url }}">{{ slide.title }}</a>{% endif %}
{{ slide.title }} - {{ }}<br />
{{ slide.content|safe }}
{% endfor %}

Change log:

Changes in 0.2.0 - 05-25-22 Updated build process for py3 compatible app

Changes in 0.1.5 - 06-27-13 Allow for gallery title to be passed in as context variable instead of always treating it as a string.

Changes in 0.1.3 - 11-02-12 Moved to git. Added ANTIALIAS to image processing

Changes in 0.1.2 - 10-22-11 Fail silently on gallery not existing

Changes in 0.1.1 - 9-20-11 Added random boolean to control whether gallery item sort should be random psql command to insert column: alter table galleryserve_gallery ADD column random boolean not null default false;