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cluster-computing, geospatial, java, python, scala, spatial-analysis, spatial-query, spatial-sql
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Apache Sedona™(incubating) is a cluster computing system for processing large-scale spatial data. Sedona equips cluster computing systems such as Apache Spark and Apache Flink with a set of out-of-the-box distributed Spatial Datasets and Spatial SQL that efficiently load, process, and analyze large-scale spatial data across machines.

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System architecture

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Modules in the source code

Name API Introduction
Core Scala/Java Distributed Spatial Datasets and Query Operators
SQL Spark RDD/DataFrame in Scala/Java/SQL Geospatial data processing on Apache Spark
Flink Flink DataStream/Table in Scala/Java/SQL Geospatial data processing on Apache Flink
Viz Spark RDD/DataFrame in Scala/Java/SQL Geospatial data visualization on Apache Spark
Python Spark RDD/DataFrame in Python Python wrapper for Sedona
R Spark RDD/DataFrame in R R wrapper for Sedona
Zeppelin Apache Zeppelin Plugin for Apache Zeppelin 0.8.1+

Sedona supports several programming languages: Scala, Java, SQL, Python and R.

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Twitter: Sedona@Twitter

Sedona JIRA: Bugs, Pull Requests, and other similar issues

Sedona Mailing Lists: project development, general questions or tutorials.

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