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pip install git-browse==2.7.1


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Open repositories, directories, and files in the browser. See also, git-reviewers.

This is a script that can be added as a gitconfig alias to easily browse repositories on Git hosting services (e.g. github). It is built to model arcanist's browse command. It is specifically designed to have no dependencies so it should be easily installable and very portable.

If you're looking to browse different github repositories, you might like hub browse.


HomeBrew (preferred for MacOS)

If you use Homebrew, you can install git-browse through the homebrew-albertyw tap:

brew install albertyw/albertyw/git-browse


If you don't use Homebrew, first clone this repository to somewhere on your system (perhaps in your dotfiles repository), then run <REPOSITORY_LOCATION>/


Usage: git browse [-h] [--path PATH] [--dry-run] [target]

If [target] is omitted, the root repository page will be opened. If [target] is a directory or file, then that object will be opened. If [target] is a commit hash, then that commit hash will be opened. If --path is available, then its value is be used to compute the relative path to the current git repository If --dry-run is set, then git-browse will only print out the target url instead of opening it in a browser


Command Opens
git browse
git browse README.rst
git browse git_browse
git browse v1.1.1

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pip install -r requirements-test.txt
coverage run test
coverage report
mypy git_browse/


pip install twine
python sdist bdist_wheel
twine upload dist/*

Need to also update albertyw/homebrew-albertyw