Git hooks for pylint, for django projects

Django, pylint
pip install git-hooks-pylint-django==0.1



git hooks for pylint specific to django projects

For using this project, please follow these steps:

How it works

  • Use ./ to install the pre-commit hook (All settings are present in
  • ERROR_COUNT, CONVENTION_COUNT, WARNINGS, CODEBASE, THRESHOLD_LINT_SCORE : These counts/score needs to be modified based on requirement(these are default scores on which linter would evaluate).
  • A pre-commit hook is installed in the CODEBASE's .git dir and runs pylint only for the *.py files being checked-in as a part of that commit.


  • Copy and append requirements.txt to the project's
  • Allow override from of django (in a way that it dynamically works with all projects, without hardcoding "webapp.settings")
  • Hook to capture data to a central reporting location
  • Check if pre-commit hook already exists and ask for permission before overwriting
  • throws error but doesn't check for it and displays "patched" message at the end. Error handling should be added
  • Advanced: Parse pylint report and check only for the actual lines being checked-in and not just the files to make it a more accurate tool