An OpenSource Python package for the extraction of fine-grained and time-stamped co-editing networks from git repositories.

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pip install git2net==1.1.6



git2net is an Open Source Python package that facilitates the extraction of co-editing networks from git repositories.

Download and installation

git2net is pure python code. It has no platform-specific dependencies and thus works on all platforms. Assuming you are using pip, you can install latest version of git2net by running:

> pip install git2net

This also installs the necessary dependencies. git2net depends on the python-Levenshtein package to compute Levenshtein distances for edited lines of code. On sytems running Windows, automatically compiling this C based module might fail during installation. In this case, unofficial Windows binaries can be found here, which might help you get started.

How to use git2net

After installation, we suggest to check out our tutorial, detailing how to get started using git2net. We also provide detailed inline documentation serving as reference.

In addition, we have publised some motivating results as well as details on the mining algorithm in "git2net - Mining Time-Stamped Co-Editing Networks from Large git Repositories". Together with the paper, we have further released a jupyter notebook (using an early version of git2net) reproducing the majority of the results shown in the paper on

How to cite git2net

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This software is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License v3 (AGPL-3.0).