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pip install gitauthors==0.1.4




GitAuthors is simple tool that prints a quick summary of a repository's authors, as collated by commits. Summary output includes each author's name, email, number of commits, and date of last commit.

Once installed, GitAuthors is available via the gitauthors command.


To use, provide gitauthors the URL of a respository and let it go to work. gitauthors will, in turn:

  1. Check out the repository into a temporary directory.
  2. Parse the repository's log history.
  3. Collate a list of the repository's authors and their commits.
  4. Output a nicely formatted summary of the repository's authors and their commits.
  5. Clean up after itself and delete the temporary directory.


$ gitauthors
Ansgar Grunseid              16 commits, latest on Aug 06, 2018
Ansgar Grunseid   1  commit, latest on Jul 17, 2018

That's it. Simple.

Of course gitauthors can also be imported and used programmatically, too.

>>> from gitauthors import collateGitAuthors, formatGitAuthors
>>> authors = collateGitAuthors('')
>>> authors[0]
('', 'grun', 46, time.struct_time(tm_year=2018, tm_mon=7, tm_mday=18, tm_hour=7, tm_min=8, tm_sec=14, tm_wday=2, tm_yday=199, tm_isdst=0))
>>> formatted = formatGitAuthors(authors)
>>> print(formatted)
grun                 46 commits, latest on Jul 18, 2018
Ansgar Grunseid   1  commit, latest on Jul 18, 2018


Installing GitAuthors with pip is easy.

$ pip install gitauthors