Generate statistic charts on Git repositories.

git, chart, pygal, python, statistics, svg
pip install gitchart==2.0.2



Description is a Python script to build charts from a Git repository.

It can build following charts, as SVG or PNG:

  • authors (pie chart)

  • commits by hour of day, day, day of week, month of year, year, year/month (bar charts)

  • commits by hour of week (dot chart)

  • files by type (pie chart)


The script requires Python >= 2.7 and [Pygal](, which can be installed with this command:

# pip install pygal
cairosvg is required to generate PNG files.


See output of command:

$ python -h


Generate pie chart with authors:

$ python -t "Git authors on project X" -r /path/to/gitrepo/ authors authors.svg

Generate bar chart with commits by year:

$ python -r /path/to/gitrepo/ commits_year commits_year.svg

Generate bar chart with commits by version (git tag):

$ cd /path/to/gitrepo/
$ git tag | python /path/to/ commits_version /tmp/commits_version.svg

Demo is used to build statistics for WeeChat:

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