Tools for building a Git server

pip install gitmesh==0.3.0


gitmesh -- a front-end for Git

Disclaimer: this project is currently only a thought experiment!

This project's goal is to build a distributed support for modern Git workflows.

While Git has been a DVCS from the start, the fork & pull request model is typical of centralized hosting systems.

In my wildest dream, this project would serve as a proof of concept for the architecture required to replace GitHub with a distributed implementation where anybody can self-host their own repositories without losing the ability to use the now widely appreciated power of pull requests.

The minimal requirements for this system are:

  • people can trivially customize their Git workflow using Git server hooks for implementing things like:
    • branch update history;
    • repository, branch & tag permissions;
    • deploy on push.
  • people can browse a mesh of these servers using a "true" REST API.