DigitalOcean snapshot automation service

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pip install goutte==1.0.1



DigitalOcean doesn't propose any way of automating snapshots. There are some SaaS that can take care of it but paying to execute some API requests seemed a bit off.

That's why we developed a simple script which can run with cron jobs or in CI services like Travis for free. We use it daily to manage our backups.

It includes:

  • Snapshoting droplets
  • Snapshoting volumes
  • Retention policy
  • Pruning snapshots


  • Python ^3.6
  • A DigitalOcean account


Install it directly from pip:

pip3 install --user goutte

Configuration file

Goutte takes its configuration from a pretty straightforward toml file. We provided and example in goutte.example.toml.

retention = 10     # Number of backups to keep per droplet/volume

names = [          # Array of droplets you want to snapshot

names = [          # Array of volumes you want to snapshot


Goutte takes two arguments which can also be set via environment variables:

# Help Description Environment variable
1 CONFIG Path to the toml configuration file GOUTTE_CONFIG
2 DO_TOKEN Your DigitalOcean API token GOUTTE_DO_TOKEN

  DigitalOcean snapshots automation.

  --only [snapshot|prune]  Only snapshot or only prune
  --debug                  Enable debug logging
  --version                Show the version and exit.
  --help                   Show this message and exit.

Running "snapshot only" for a configuration file containing one droplet and one volume:

$ goutte goutte.toml $do_token --only snapshot
13:32:48 - INFO - Starting goutte v1.0.1
13:32:52 - INFO - sgp1-website-01 - Snapshot (goutte-sgp1-website-01-20181220-56bde)
13:32:59 - INFO - sgp1-mariadb-01 - Snapshot (goutte-sgp1-mariadb-01-20181220-3673d)

Run with Docker

We have a Docker image ready for you to use on Docker Hub. It will read by default the configuration under /goutte/goutte.toml

docker run \
  -e GOUTTE_DO_TOKEN=${do_token} \
  -v $(pwd)/goutte.toml:/goutte/goutte.toml \

Automating with Travis

You can easily automate it via cron job but the easiest way would be by leveraging free CI tools like Travis.

  1. You can create a repo which contains your goutte.toml configuration and the following travis file .travis.yml :
language: python
python: 3.6

  - pip install goutte

  - goutte goutte.toml # Don't forget to set GOUTTE_DO_TOKEN in Travis config
  1. Enable the repo in Travis and then go to the configuration
  2. Add the environment variable GOUTTE_DO_TOKEN with the value of your DigitalOcean API key
  3. Enable daily cron job
  4. You're good to go, goutte will run everyday and take care of the snapshots.

Note: You can have different retentions for different volumes by having multiple configurations.

# ...
  - goutte 10days.toml
  - goutte 1day.toml

You can see how we set it up for ourself here.