Ricoh GR II file system

experimental, file-system, fuse, jakubroztocil, python, ricoh, ricohgr, wireless
pip install grfs==0.1.1



This app allows you to mount your Ricoh GR II with FUSE over WiFi. It implements a read-only filesystem for accessing photos on a Ricoh GR II camera over the built-in WiFi feature and the HTTP API the camera exposes.


This library was created to experiment with the REST-ish API the Ricoh GR II exposes for the GR Remote web-based app.


It works but it's really slow. Reasons for the slow speed being:

  1. Slow WiFi by which the camera is equipped.
  2. The necessity to make a GET request for each file individually to read the HTTP headers to determine file size.

When you mount the camera, you get three different folders thumb, view, and full which correspond to the different image sizes available through the camera's HTTP API. Note that view might no contain all the images available.


  1. Install FUSE on your system (e.g. $ brew install osxfuse)
  2. Install this package $ pip install grfs


  1. Turn on your Ricoh GR II
  2. Turn on the WiFi feature on the camera
  3. Connect your computer to the WiFi network from the camera
  4. Mount the camera $ mkdir ~/GR; grfs ~/GR (create the mountpoint directory first)
  5. Access your files $ ls -l ~/GR (or from you system file browser)