An extension providing a jade renderer for growler applications

pip install growler-jade==0.0.1


Growler - Jade

A Growler render engine for processing jade template files. This uses the pyjade package with the mako base - though this should be strictly an implemenation detail and not a concern of the user.


To install the latest stable (published) version, use the pypi repository

pip install growler-jade

To use the (semi-stable) development branch, you can use pip to directly access the source repository

pip install git+

Otherwise, you can install locally via

python install


The only class the user has to worry about is JadeRenderer, which can be found in either growler_jade.JadeRenderer or the namespace growler_ext.jade_renderer.JadeRenderer. The latter method is used by the growler extension auto-importer growler.ext, making importing multiple packages very clean.

A JadeRenderer is created with a path (which must exist) which contains the template files to render. There are currently no configuration options available, but this is likely to change. This object must be added to the application via the app.use() method. In all server middleware following this object, a the 'render' method will be available on the response object, allowing you to render any filename found in the given renderer's path: res.render('foo') renders foo.jade found in the path.


Here is a simple script which serves a single file, path/to/views/index.jade upon request to the root page:

from growler import App

from growler.ext import JadeRenderer # do NOT import growler.ext.JadeRenderer directly

app = App("Jade Example")


def index_page(req, res):
    if hasattr(req, 'user'):
        data = {'username':}
        data = {'username': 'Anonymous'}

    # renders path/to/views/index.jade with values given data
    res.render("index", data)

app.create_server_and_run_forever(host='localhost', port=9000)


Contributions are welcome that follow the Growler Contribution Guidelines.


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