Mypy stubs for gRPC

pip install grpc-stubs==


gRPC Typing Stubs for Python

This is a PEP-561-compliant stub-only package which provides type information of gRPC.

Install using pip:

pip install grpc-stubs

Tests (courtesy of pytest-mypy-plugins:

pip install -r requirements-dev.txt
./ test

Call for assistance

There are several areas where grpc-stubs could use some TLC. If you'd like to help with any of this, please reach out.


It's unlikely I'll be returning to grpc full-time for the foreseeable future, and my knowledge of the minutiae fades with each passing year. If anyone wishes to assume maintainership of this project ongoing, please reach out. An attempt to merge into typeshed is underway here: python/typeshed#11204

Python Support

grpc-stubs is tested with 3.7 or later, but ideally it should support Python 3.6 as grpc still supports this. Python 3.6 had to be disabled in the tests due to various cascading fiascos and a lack of time to contend with them. Feel free to submit a PR if you'd like to see it returned, or open issues. Ensure that you supply an MRE as per the contributing guidelines below.


Minimum Reproducible Examples (MRE)

Unfortunately, due to the fussy nature of grpc and its dependencies, and the huge amount of time required to construct a context in which to verify and debug issues, starting from 2022-04-16, fairly strict issue and pull request templates have been added.

Minimum Reproducible Examples are now a hard requirement for pull requests that touch the typing surface, and a soft requirement for issues. PRs without a functioning MRE transfer the burden entirely from the contributor to the maintainer, and I simply don't have time to do the deep-dives required to build out MREs from scratch when issues inevitably crop up. PRs without a trivially executable MRE will be closed without further consideration; of course you are always welcome to reopen once you have added a verified MRE!


This project uses a slightly old version of for testing. All new contributions will be required to include at least one, but probably multiple tests. See typesafety/test_*.yml.

Code-generated stubs

PRs containing auto-generated stubs have had to be reverted several times due to issues. Starting from 2022-04-16, autogenerated stubs from mypy-protobuf will not be accepted without extensive tests, and will not be accepted with edit warnings left in. It's ok to use this tool to seed stubs, but not to refresh stubs - once contributed to this repo, the stubs should be presumed to have been written by hand.

Other Very Useful Typed Python Stuff