Python library to query Google Scholar.

google, scholar, cli, bibtex, google-scholar, gscholar, pdf, python
pip install gscholar==2.1.0



Query Google Scholar using Python.


  • Python
  • pdftotext (command line tool)


$ pip install gscholar

##Using gscholar as a command line tool

gscholar provides a command line tool, to use it, just call gscholar like:

$ gscholar "albert einstein"


$ python3 -m gscholar "albert einstein"

Making a simple lookup:

$ gscholar "some author or title"

will return the first result from Google Scholar matching this query.

Getting more results:

$ gscholar --all "some author or title"

Same as above but returns up to 10 bibtex items. (Use with caution Google will assume you're a bot an ban you're IP temporarily)

Querying using a pdf:

$ gscholar /path/to/pdf

Will read the pdf to generate a Google Scholar query. It uses this query to show the first bibtex result as above.

Renaming a pdf:

$ gscholar --rename /path/to/pdf

Will do the same as above but asks you if it should rename the file according to the bibtex result. You have to answer with "y", default answer is no.

Getting help:

$ gscholar --help

Using gscholar as a python library

Install the gscholar package with pip install as described above or copy the package somewhere Python can find it.

import gscholar

gscholar.query("some author or title")

will return a list of bibtex items.