The Gudhi library is an open source library for Computational Topology and Topological Data Analysis (TDA).

cpp14, persistent-homology, python, tda, topological-data-analysis, topology
pip install gudhi==3.7.1


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The GUDHI library is a generic open source C++ library, with a Python interface, for Topological Data Analysis (TDA) and Higher Dimensional Geometry Understanding. The library offers state-of-the-art data structures and algorithms to construct simplicial complexes and compute persistent homology.

Source code

We recommend that users get official releases from the GUDHI website.

For potential contributors, to fully checkout GUDHI, after cloning the git repository, you may also need to checkout its submodules using

git submodule update --init

Compilation and installation

To install GUDHI, you can follow the C++ compilation procedure, the Python compilation procedure, use our conda-forge package, or go with Docker.

More information