gui2py framework

pip install gui2py==



gui2py is a GUI framework for building cross-platform "visual" desktop applications on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, using the Python language and the wxPython toolkit.

Its objetive is to evolve PythonCard with web2py's philosophy and facilities.

Its goals includes a KISS compact structure, visual tools (designer, inspector and property editor), HTML/Javascript-like capabilities, modern MVC patterns support, and compatibility with multiple versions of wxPython and Python (including py3k and the upcoming wx version 3.0 -a.k.a. Phoenix-).

gui2py visual designer in action

For more information see the main project site:

Installation Instructions:

You need at least wxPython 2.9.4 to use the development tools, as they depends on the latest features added to wxWidgets.

Download & uncompress the source code zip archive, or check out the git repository using mercurial hg-git (or git directly):

hg clone git+
cd gui2py
python install

Then, try the minimal application the main directory, double clicking the minimal.pyw file or running:

python minimal.pyw

Or, try the sample application in the same directory, double clicking the sample.pyw file or running:

python sample.pyw

Also, you can start the GUI designer with:

python -m

For the extensive instructions (including packages for each major O.S.), see the Installation Guide