A HackerOne API client for Python

pip install h1==1.4.2



A HackerOne API client for Python. The API closely maps to the REST API that HackerOne provides. Documentation for their API is available here.




For installation via pip:

pip install h1

For development, In the project root run:

virtualenv env
source env/bin/activate
make bootstrap

The manual approach should work as well:

python setup.py install


Initializing the Client

>>> from h1.client import HackerOneClient
>>> from h1.models import Report

Getting all reports created in the last day

HackerOneClient.find_resources() allows you to specify a resource to find (only Report is supported for now) and some criteria to filter on. The only required filter is program, which must be set to the target HackerOne program's name. Any additional filters may be passed as kwargs, and everything in HackerOne's filter documentation should be supported.

For example, here's how we'd get all reports created in the past 24 hours:

>>> import datetime as dt
>>> day_ago = dt.datetime.now() - dt.timedelta(days=1)
>>> listing = c.find_resources(Report, program=["test-program"], created_at__gt=day_ago)
>>> len(listing)
>>> listing[0].title
u'This is a test report!'

Getting all resolved reports in a program

Similarly, if we filter on state we can get all the resolved reports:

>>> resolved_listing = c.find_resources(Report, program=["test-program"], state=["resolved"])
>>> resolved_listing[0].title

Getting a specific report by ID

HackerOneClient.get_resource() allows you to pass a resource type (again, currently just Report,) and an ID to fetch:

>>> report = c.get_resource(Report, 110306)
>>> report.title
u'Test RCE SQLi'
>>> report.state

Tallying report counts by user

Here's an example of using the client to figure out who your most prolific reporters are:

>>> from collections import Counter
>>> reporter_count = Counter()
>>> all_reports = c.find_resources(Report, program=["test-program"])
>>> for report in all_reports:
...     reporter_count[report.reporter] += 1
>>> print(reporter_count)
Counter({<User - bestreporter>: 21, <User - another_reporter>: 12, <User - r3p0rt3r>: 2, <User - newbie>: 1})

Running Tests

virtualenv env
source env/bin/activate
make bootstrap
make test