The HART Lab Automated MRI Segmentation and Analysis Framework

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pip install hart-amsaf==0.0.4


Automated MRI Segmentation and Analysis Framework (AMSAF)

Further documentation contained here: https://www.gitbook.com/book/iancmcdonald/amsaf/details


Goal: Automate the generation and testing of MRI segmentations

**High-level implementation: **Grid search over the Elastix parameter space, constrained by our prior intuition and experience.

Tools: Python, Elastix, SimpleElastix

Thoughts to keep in mind:

  • Time constraints

  • Each registration + segmentation takes a few minutes to complete

  • Space constraints:

  • Each image takes up a significant amount of space, sometimes up to 500MB

  • Modularity:

  • As this project evolves, we may replace components of this framework to fit new insights or tools. For instance, we should not write this in such a way that we could easily replace Elastix for another registration framework like ANTs

  • Each piece is sufficiently complex so as to warrant component-level unit testing

  • Abstraction and ease of use:

  • People years from now might want to use this, so write with them in mind

  • Abstract away low-level implementation details without sacrificing results

High-Level Components:


  • Purpose: Automatically Segment MRI images
  • Implementation: Registration-based segmentation parameterized by target and manually segmented reference images. This should be flexible enough to accommodate switching out registration tools and frameworks while keeping the code altering to a minimum.

Segmentation Evaluator

  • Purpose: Evaluate segmentation results
  • Implementation: Image subtraction or DICE similarity


  • Purpose: Link individual components


  • Set Linker values and execute segmentation

Component Tester

  • Purpose: Test other framework components