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pip install hetzner-fix-report==0.11.0



Fixes Hetzner CSV reports by cleaning the CSV and merging project name from PDF.


Preliminary libraries

Debian, Ubuntu, etc

sudo apt-get install build-essential libpoppler-cpp-dev pkg-config python-dev

Fedora, Red Hat, etc

sudo yum install gcc-c++ pkgconfig poppler-cpp-devel python-devel redhat-rpm-config

Arch, etc

sudo pacman -S poppler

Python package

This project is hosted on PyPI and can therefore be installed easily through pip:

pip install hetzner_fix_report

Dependending on your setup you may need to add --user after the install.


Single report

Use the command line interface to combine a csv and pdf file:

hetzner-fix-report Hetzner_2020-01-05_RXXXXXXXXXX.csv Hetzner_2020-01-05_RXXXXXXXXXX.pdf

Or shorten it using brace expansion:

hetzner-fix-report Hetzner_2020-01-05_RXXXXXXXXXX.{csv,pdf}

If you want to save the enriched csv output, use either the -o parameter as explained in the program's help or redirect output to a file using >.

Batchwise processing

When in a directory that holds multiple csv and pdf files the following shell script should call the tool and save its output within a newly created subdirectory:

mkdir -p fix
for csv in *.csv; do pdf=${csv%%.*}.pdf; hetzner-fix-report -o "fix/$csv" "$csv" "$pdf"; done

Original & enriched format

Hetzner's original CSV reports have the problem of being unprecise and not machine readable. This is especially noticeable in the long multiline comment column that may is mostly human readable. Currently the PDF report contains additional information about the entry's (server/backup) associated project. Since this information is not contained within the CSV reports I wanted to fix this. The enriched format has the following keys and examplary values:

Key Example New
id 2520725
name my-server
project My Project
type cx31
quantity 1
usage_hours 42
price 8.9
price_netto 4.9
price_max 2.49
day_from 2020-06-01
day_to 2020-06-30
is_backup False
is_server True
is_ceph False