A simple Django Page app.

django, page, app
pip install hexia-pages==1.0.6


Hexia Pages

Hexia Pages is a simple Django app for create pages editable within Admin. It is useful for things like terms and conditions and privacy policy where you might want to edit the pages, don't need a full CMS but don't want to be changing templates all the time.

Detailed documentation is needs writing.

Quick start

  1. pip install hexia-pages

  2. Add "hexia_pages" and dependencies to your INSTALLED_APPS setting like this:

  3. Include the hexia_pages URLconf in your project urls.py like this:

    path('pages/', include('hexia_pages.urls', namespace='hexia_pages')),
  4. Run python manage.py migrate to create the hexia_pages models.

  5. Start the development server and visit to create a Page (you'll need the Admin app enabled). Simple create a page with a unique slug.

  6. Add a link to your template.

    <a href="{% url 'hexia_pages:page_view' object.slug %}">Link Text</a> provides the detail of a specific page.

    Template: hexia_pages/page_detail.html

  7. Visit