A client for connecting and running DDLs on Hive Metastore with Thrift protocol

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pip install hive-metastore-client==1.0.9


Hive Metastore Client

A client for connecting and running DDLs on Hive Metastore using Thrift protocol.

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This library supports Python version 3.7+.

To check library main features you can check Hive Metastore Client's Documentation, which is hosted by Read the Docs.

An example of how to use the library for running DDL commands in hive metastore:

from import DatabaseBuilder
from hive_metastore_client import HiveMetastoreClient

database = DatabaseBuilder(name='new_db').build()
with HiveMetastoreClient(HIVE_HOST, HIVE_PORT) as hive_metastore_client:

To learn more use cases in practice, see Hive Metastore Client examples

Requirements and Installation

Hive Metastore Client depends on Python 3.7+

Python Package Index hosts reference to a pip-installable module of this library, using it is as straightforward as including it on your project's requirements.

pip install hive-metastore-client


Apache License 2.0


All contributions are welcome! Feel free to open Pull Requests. Check the development and contributing guidelines described in

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