High-level tools to simplify visualization in Python.

panel, holoviews, datashader, geoviews, hvplot, holoviz, colorcet
pip install holoviz==0.11.6


HoloViz: High-level tools to simplify visualization in Python

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What is it?

This repository provides examples, demos, and training materials documenting how to solve visualization problems using Python tools that work with web browsers, including Bokeh, HoloViews, GeoViews, Matplotlib, Datashader, hvPlot, Panel, and Param.

It includes a shared conda environment that ensures all these tools work together, facilities for downloading sample data for use with these tools, and provides starting points for solving your own visualization problems.


See holoviz.org (or doc/installation.rst for a github clone).

About holoviz.org

HoloViz is a project supported in part by Anaconda. All projects used here are freely available for commercial or non-commercial use according to a permissive open-source license as described in each project's website.