Pythonic Interface to access Google Spreadsheet

pip install hyou==2.1.2


Hyou - Pythonic Interface to access Google Spreadsheet

Hyou provides a simple Pythonic interface to access your Google Spreadsheet data.

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This is the development branch for v3. Please see v2 branch for 2.x releases.


import hyou

# Login to Google Spreadsheet with credentials
collection = hyou.login('/path/to/credentails.json')

# Open a spreadsheet by ID
spreadsheet = collection['1ZYeIFccacgHkL0TPfdgXiMfPCuEEWUtbhXvaB9HBDzQ']
print spreadsheet.title         # => "Hyou Test Sheet"

# Open a worksheet in a spreadsheet by sheet name
worksheet = spreadsheet['Sheet1']
print worksheet.title           # => "Sheet1"
print worksheet.rows            # => 5
print worksheet.cols            # => 3

# Worksheet objects can be accessed just like two-dimensional lists
print worksheet[1][0]           # => "banana"
print worksheet[1][1]           # => "50"

# Call Worksheet.commit() to apply changes
worksheet[2][0] = 'cinamon'
worksheet[2][1] = 40


Documentation is available at


Shuhei Takahashi


This library is authored by a Googler and copyrighted by Google, but is not an official Google product.


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