HyperContagion is a Python library for the simulation of contagion on complex systems with group (higher-order) interactions.

contagion, epidemic-simulations, epidemics, hypergraphs
pip install hypercontagion==0.1.2



HyperContagion is a Python package for the simulation and visualization of contagion processes on complex systems with group (higher-order) interactions.

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HyperContagion runs on Python 3.8 or higher.

To install the latest version of HyperContagion, run the following command:

pip install hypercontagion

To install this package locally:

  • Clone this repository
  • Navigate to the folder on your local machine
  • Run the following command:
pip install -e .["all"]
  • If that command does not work, you may try the following instead
pip install -e .\[all\]

Getting Started

To get started, take a look at the demos illustrating the library's basic functionality.



Contributions are always welcome. Please report any bugs that you find here. Or, even better, fork the repository on GitHub and create a pull request (PR). We welcome all changes, big or small, and we will help you make the PR if you are new to git (just ask on the issue and/or see our contributing guidelines).

How to Cite

We acknowledge the importance of good software to support research, and we note that research becomes more valuable when it is communicated effectively. To demonstrate the value of HyperContagion, we ask that you cite HyperContagion in your work. Currently, the best way to cite HyperContagion is to go to our repository page (if you haven't already) and click the "cite this repository" button on the right sidebar. This will generate a citation in your preferred format, and will also integrate well with citation managers.

Code of Conduct


Released under the 3-Clause BSD license (see LICENSE.md)

Copyright (C) 2021 HyperContagion Developers

Nicholas Landry nicholas.landry@colorado.edu

The HyperContagion library has copied or modified code from the EoN and Epipack libraries, the licenses of which can be found in our license file


The HyperContagion package has been supported by NSF Grant 2121905, "HNDS-I: Using Hypergraphs to Study Spreading Processes in Complex Social Networks".