Provide temperature information to i3blocks based on geolocated IP address

i3, i3wm, i3blocks, i3blocks-scripts, weather-app, geolocation, weather
pip install i3geoweather==1.1.2



This blocklet provides temperature information for the i3blocks status bar often used in the i3 window manager. It attempts to determine your location based on your IP address using the ipinfo.io API. Based on the location it retrieves weather information from the free openweathermap.org API.


i3geoweather is a pure Python 3 program. No attempt to make it compatible with Python 2 has been or will be made. It is time to switch!


The easiest way to install i3geoweather is to use pip:

$ pip install i3geoweather

Depending on your system you may need to call pip3 instead of pip


i3geoweather depends on the Python requests library. i3geoweather output uses FontAwesome for its output. You should download the free FontAwesome zip file and copy fontawesome-webfont.ttf to your ~/.fonts/ directory.


i3geoweather runs a daemon process in the background (if started with the -d option) and periodically updates weather information by writing to ~/.i3geoweather/i3geoweather.txt.

Start i3geoweather from your i3 configuration file:

exec_always i3geoweather -d

You may need to use the full path to i3geoweather, e.g., for an installation with pip install --user ...:

exec_always ~/.local/bin/i3geoweather -d

A typical i3blocks.conf entry may look like this:

command=inotifywait -qq -e delete_self ~/.i3geoweather/i3geoweather.txt && cat ~/.i3geoweather/i3geoweather.txt

Command line options:

  • -d or --daemon run as background process
  • -l or --location force a location by specifying a comma separated latitude/longitude pair, e.g., -l "50.0126, 7.996". North and east are positive.
  • -r or --restart restart background process
  • -s or --stop stop running background process
  • -v increase verbosity of logging to ~/.i3geoweather/i3geoweather.log. Can be used up to three times. Using -v twice logs informational messages. Debugging output is produced when -v is used three times.


Jörg Dietrich joerg@joergdietrich.com


Development takes place on GitHub. Please report any bugs as an issue in the GitHub issue tracker.


i3geoweather is released under an MIT license. See LICENCE.txt