i3 project manager similar to tmuxinator

pip install i3minator==0.0.4



Since now i3 supports Layout saving/restoring, this project can be considered dead.

i3minator is a simple "workspace manager" for i3. It allows to quickly manage workspaces defining windows and their layout. The project is inspired by tmuxinator and uses i3-py.


i3minator can be installed with pip

$ sudo pip install i3minator

Project description

All project file are stored in ~/.i3minator/ and are in yaml format. An example:

# /home/carlesso/.i3minator/default.yml

# The Name of the project
name: default

# If needes, where the project lives. If present, all terminal will be opened here
# and all commands are relative to this path.
root: ~/projects/my_project/

# The name of the workspace to open the project.
# If not present, current workspace is used
workspace_name: MyProject

# Chain of commands to populate workspace.
# Every element can be either a node (see below), or a command between:
#   go_vertical, vertical, v:      change split mode into vertical
#   go_horizontal, horizontal, h:  change split mode into vertical
#   go_stacked, stacked:           set the layout to stacked
# Example for a rails application:
  - gvim
  - console
  - go_vertical
  - server
  - logs

# Nodes. Each node represent a window. The available parameters are:
#   command:  the command to execute
#   terminal: whatever the command should be run in a terminal window
#   timeout:  A window can take a while to be placed, if your layout does not come as you want,
#             inceremnt the timeout for slow windows. default: 0.1
        terminal: false
        command: gvim .
        timeout: 0.3
        terminal: true
        command: bundle exec rails c
        terminal: true
        command: bundle exec rails s
        terminal: true
        command: tailf log/development.log

List of commands

i3minator supports the following commands:

i3minator commands:
    i3minator commands                  # Lists commands available in i3minator
    i3minator copy [EXISTING] [NEW]     # Copy an existing project to a new project and open it in your editor
    i3minator edit [PROJECT]            # Edit given project
    i3minator delete [PROJECT]          # Deletes given project
    i3minator impolode                  # Delete all i3minator project, as well as the ~/.i3minator folder
    i3minator list                      # List all i3minator projects
    i3minator new [PROJECT]             # Create a new project and open in your text editor
    i3minator start [PROJECT]           # Start a i3minator project
    i3minator version                   # Display installed i3minator version

Terminal and Editor

Editor is read from shell's defaults:

echo $SHELL

Terminal is found by i3-sensible-terminal command.

Right now has been tested only with xterm and zsh

Timeouting node spawn

Some windows may take more time to be insert in the workspace. If you experience this, and yout layout get messed up, try to play with timeout value in the node.


Author: Enrico Carlesso License: WTFPL


i3minator was tested with Python 3.3.2


  • i3-wm
  • i3-py
  • Python